13th meeting of the International Committee on Contaminated Land (ICCL) 3rd - 4th October 2017 - Copenhagen, Denmark

The Danish Regions are privileged to invite you to the 13th meeting of the International Committee on Contaminated Land (ICCL) to be held in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Date, Venue and Location

The 13th ICCL meeting will be held Tuesday 3 October (afternoon) and Wednesday 4 October 2017 at the Danish Regions, Dampfaergevej 22, 2100 Copenhagen O.

Please note that the ICCL meeting will be held Back to back other events as shown in the following layout:

Monday 2 October Tuesday 3 October Wednesday 4 October Thursday 5 October Friday 6 October
Morning Common Forum ICCL Meeting Joint Event ICCL / NICOLE Joint Event ICCL / NICOLE
Afternoon ICCL Meeting ICCL Meeting Joint Event ICCL / NICOLE Field Trip
Evening Joint Get Together Joint conference dinner

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Click here to get the latest programme for joint ICCL / NICOLE event


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Survey Information

Prior to each meeting, the ICCL administers a survey to countries to be invited. The survey for the 13th meeting will focus on Groundwater pollution management. The survey questions are intended to provide insight into the technical, legal, financial and social aspects of the land regeneration in your country. The results of the survey are the foundation for substantive discussion at the meeting. The survey for 2017 is available here [.doc].

If you require assistance related to completing the survey online, please contact contact Dominique Darmendrail

Important Milestones and Deadlines

Below are important dates for registration and preparation for the meeting:

  • July 30, 2017: Deadline to volunteer to present a paper on one the three themes through the online registration process
  • August 15, 2017: Completed surveys due
  • September 20, 2017: Deadline to register

Field trip to Danish Soil Partnerships network of testsites

The network of test sites consists of currently nine contaminated sites acquired by the regions to undertake development, demonstration and maturation of new techniques for site investigations and remediation. The sites are also available for private companies, university's etc. to test and validate new products and technologies. Since 2012 more than 30 development projects has run on the various sites in the network.

Stengaarden Landfill
The site is a former landfill contaminated with pesticides - among other compounds. The site has been remediated since 1995 by P&T and since 2011 the gas has been extracted to prevent intrusion into nearby houses. In 2013 Region Zealand purchased the site where the water treatment plant was build. The plant vent through a complete reconstruction during 2015 to 2016, which included new technologies as advanced oxidation. The reconstruction of the plant also gave the possibility to prepare the plumbing for plug and play testing of external systems by taking a part current of the process water anywhere in the treatment system and afterwards returning it for retreatment in the main system. Region Zealand expects phenoxy acids to be a high cost remediation area in the near future and hence the need for new remediation technologies.

Current projects on the site include bioremediation, membrane filtration and a biobasin.
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Delegates can book discounted accommodation at the 13th ICCL meeting venue by visiting:

Hotel Nyhavn 71 Prices from 1.635 DKK (€ 216) Phone: +45 3343 6200
(When booking, please quote agreement with Danske Regioner)

Adina Hotel Prices from 1120 DKK (€ 148) Phone: +45 3969 1000
(When booking, please quote agreement with Danske Regioner)

Hotel Maritime Prices from 870 DKK (€ 115) incl. breakfast. Phone: +45 3313 4882
(When booking, use this email: hotel@maritime.dk , quoting "ICCL/NICOLE")

There is also a wide variety of alternative accommodation options available close to the ICCL meeting venue. For further information, please visit:

Additional meetings to be combined with the 13th meeting of the ICCL

European Common Forum on Contaminated Land

The European Common Forum on Contaminated Land will hold a meeting for its members only the morning before the ICCL meeting on the 3rd of October 2017 (half-day morning meeting currently planned). This meeting will also take place at the Danish Regions building.

Joint ICCL - NICOLE Workshop 5.-6.th October

ICCL meeting delegates and invited to stay on after the conclusion of the ICCL meeting and attend the Joint ICCL - NICOLE workshop. Please see in the attached file the flyer presenting the objectives and topics of the Joint event.

ICCL delegates will be offered free of charge to attend the symposium and conference. This information will be available closer to the event from the ICCL or the NICOLE websites.

Travel Information

The following information aims to assist with your entry into Denmark

Entry into Denmark

On the link below you can see, which nationalities need a visa - and which do not:


If you hold a Schengen visa for another country, it can be used to enter Denmark also.

Getting to Copenhagen

Visit http://www.visitcopenhagen.com/copenhagen-tourist for comprehensive information about Copenhagen and Denmark.

For international delegates traveling by air, you can get to the City centre by either train, metro or taxi. A taxi cost approximately 200 kroner to the city centre (€ 25). For train, take the train towards "Helsingør" and get off at your convenience at either the Central Station or Østerport Station. For Metro, both lines can be used. Get off at Kongens Nytorv (Kgs. Nytorv). It takes around 15 minutes.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or require further assistance. We look forward to seeing you in October 2017 in Copenhagen, Denmark

Sincerely the 2017 ICCL Organizing Committee

Organizing Team Members and Contact Information

The organizing team members for the 13th ICCL meeting include:

ICCL / CF Secretary
c/o BRGM, France
Tel.: + 33 1 40 58 89 08
GMS: + 33 620 75 09 25
Email: d.darmendrail@brgm.fr

Christian Andersen
Danish Regions
Tel.: + 45 35298175
Mobile: + 45 40223017
Email: can@regioner.dk

Dietmar Mueller - Grabherr
Environment Agency Austria
Tel.: + 43 (1) 31 304 59 13
Email: dietmar.mueller-grabherr@umweltbundesamt.at

Carlos Pachon
US Environmental Protection Agency
Tel.: + 1 703-603-9904
Email: pachon.carlos@epa.gov