7th meeting of the Ad Hoc international Working Group on Contaminated Land, Paris, September 29 – 30, 2005

Entire final report [pdf 461kb]

Round Table discussions
Theme 1: Responsibility and Financing
Theme 2: Specific risk assessment, the setting of riskbased cleanup goals.
Theme 3: Contamination with heavy metals
Theme 4: EU and contaminated land, COMMON FORUM and Soil framework directive
Theme 5: Excavated (polluted) soil
Theme 6: Techniques
Next meeting
Annex: Liste of Participants

Venue: La Maison de la Chimie, 24, rue Saint Dominique, Paris

September 29 – Morning session
09.00 – 09.15 Registration
09.15 – 09.30 Introduction

Mr. Thomas Joindot, Prevention of Pollution and Risks, French ministry for Environment.
09.30 – 12.00

>> austria [pdf 134kb]
>> canada [pdf 890kb]
>> finland [pdf 749kb]
>> france [pdf 471kb]
>> germany [pdf 121kb]
>> ireland [pdf 65kb]
>> netherlands [pdf 14kb]
>> quebec [pdf 133kb]
>> sweden [pdf 387kb]
>> switzerland [pdf 29kb]
>> uk [pdf 44kb]
>> usa [pdf 630kb]
>> flanders [pdf 18kb]
>> walloon region [pdf 1.9mb]
Round Table discussions

Presentations from each of the participating countries; 10 – 15 minutes per country.

Each of the participating countries gives a short presentation on the state-of-the-art on the national work regarding contaminated soil; The presentation should, for example, contain information about; i) number of contaminated sites in the country that need to be recognised, ii) annual and over all budget for the work on contaminated sites; iii) number of persons at authorities involved in the work, iiii) national goals in terms of achieved results and amount of time/budget needed.

Also the use of national methodologies and guidance that could be of interest for other countries should be mentioned in the short presentation for each country.
September 29 – Afternoon session
13.00 – 17.00 Thematic  discussions
Theme 1
Responsibility and Financing

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1) Responsibility in the French regulatory framework, recent developments
Thomas Joindot, France >> [pdf 162 kb]

2) Brownfields in Canada
Adrien Pilon, Canada >> [pdf 1.6 mb]

3) The civil responsibility of the land owner in Canada
Adrien Pilon, Canada

Discussions and questions
Theme 2
Specific risk assessment, the setting of riskbased cleanup goals.

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1) The use of site specific risk assessment and the in situ management of contaminated soil in the redevelopment of contaminated sites.
Michel Beaulieu, Canada >> [pdf 107 kb]

2) How is the setting of (riskbased ?) cleanup goals performed in the participating countries?
Harald Kasamas, Austria >> [pdf 1.14 mb]

3) Risk assessment or decision making programs in the USA
Bruce Means, USA >> [pdf 312 kb]

Discussions and questions
Theme 3
Contamination with heavy metals

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The countries are invited to share their views on heavy metals contamination, for example extraction with different technologies, mobility of metals, bioavailability , analytical procedures for the characterization, acidic digestion, residual concentrations in soils.
>> [pdf 277 kb]

Discussions and questions
September 29 – Evening program
18.30 – 19.30 Visit to the Orsay Museum (subject to confirmation)
19.30 Dinner at La Maison des X

September 30 – Morning session
09.00 – 12.00 Thematic discussions

Theme 4
EU and contaminated land, COMMON FORUM and Soil framework directive

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1) Prevention and management of soil contamination in the proposal for a Soil Framework Directive
Claudia Olazábal, eu >> [pdf 436 kb]

2) History and future plans of COMMON FORUM
Joop Vegter, The Netherlands >> [pdf 543 kb]

3) Periodical reporting of national/regional inventories of contaminated sites.
Anna Rita Gentile, EEA >> [pdf 327 kb]

4) Possible monitoring of risk areas of EU concern
Francesca Quercia, Italy >> [pdf 595 kb]

5) Belgian experiences with a «Land Status Report» at the moment of transfer of land.
Victor Dries, Belgium >> [pdf 34 kb]

Discussions and questions
Theme 5
Excavated (polluted) soil

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1) The management of excavated soil (treated or non treated).
Michel Beaulieu, Canada >> [pdf 80 kb]

2) Regulations to deal with the reuse of excavated (polluted) soil in Germany
Andreas Bieber, Germany >> [pdf 328 kb]

Discussions and questions
Theme 6

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1) Electronic Delivery of Analytical Data for US Superfund Cleanups.
Bruce Means, USA >> [pdf 418 kb]

2) Innovation on Remediation technologies – from Research to markets (a presentation on EURODEMO)
Dietmar Müller, Austria >> [pdf 1 mb]

Discussions and questions
September 30 – Afternoon session
13.00 – 15.30 Thematic discussions
Continuation of morning session
Next meeting 1) Dates for the next meeting in Sweden

2) Appointment of the country who will serve as secretary for the meeting in Sweden. That is, the country that will be host for the meeting after Sweden. (Finnland)
Conclusion Mr Trouvé, Director, Prevention of Pollution and Risks, French ministry for Environment.
16.00 Closing of meeting  

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